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Information written about The Quiet Corner website

Original Novels By – Leanne Smith

Novels Featured on The Quiet Corner

All of these novels can be found on http://www.thequietcorner.com – Home of the romantic fiction written by Leanne Elise Smith!

The Quiet Corner features three original novels written by Leanne Elise Smith. All of the unfinished books can be read freely as new chapters/episodes are added onto the website by the author.

About Each Novel:

Silent Mysteries –  A medieval romance novel published in 2008 and available on Amazon.com in both ebook and paperback format. The first 150 pages of the book can be read for free so you can catch a sneak peek before buying anything.

Silent Hearts – The sequel to Silent Mysteries, this novel takes place six months after the finish of Silent Mysteries. It can be read freely on the website as new portions of the book are added by the author. Silent Hearts can be enjoyed on its own without necessarily having to read the original book of Silent Mysteries first.

Calignous – The newest romantic mystery novel offered up by Leanne Elise Smith breaks out of the traditional romance genre as we move into a more modern setting. Suspense and passion await your eyes in this unfinished book, which may be freely enjoyed as new portions of the book are added by the author.

Stay tuned for more information on these books and more!


The Way Back Machine! Intersoap Magazine

Look Back In Time!

Someone once told me that a picture is worth a thousand words! Well, apparently someone who created The Way Back Machine believed that was true–and I heartily agree.

For those who’ve stuck with me through the years may remember when the website I worked on was not The Quiet Corner, but another website called Intersoap Magazine. If you follow the link below you can take a look back at the website from 2001. Want to see what my web skills were in their infancy and how much fun we had working on the website–readers and me as the author together? Take a tour of this snapshot of Intersoap Magazine and have a look!

I had a ball working on Intersoap Magazine. Now, while it no longer exists on the internet anymore, you can still visit a snapshot of it and nose around a bit to see what all the hoopla was about.

I found it incredibly entertaining.

See Intersoap Magazine from 2001.