New Books on The Quiet Corner!

So much has changed here at The Quiet Corner. The look and feel of the website is hardly the biggest news. What is then? How about two more novels? And they are like nothing you have read from me before!

What is Kindred Souls?

Beyond Silent Mysteries and Calignous, I have been working on several other projects. I’m about to reveal two of them. The first is a series I have titled Kindred Souls. This will be a paranormal romance series built in a world far removed from the one we live in–and yet it could be taking place in your very own back yard. Worlds will collide when the truth is revealed and one woman awakens to discover we are not alone in this world… We never have been.

I will be opening the area and revealing the cover artwork for that series in just a few weeks. Much of the story has already been fleshed out, but I’ll be uploading the book as I write it. When it’s finished, I’ll be selling it along with Silent Mysteries of course. But for the time being, you can read it here for free while I’m working on it.

And the second new book?

The second book I am about to reveal is the most sensitive subject I’ve ever written about. I was fortunate enough to befriend a wonderful man who inspired me to take on the subject of a lifetime! And so with his blessing, I am venturing down a very different romantic path. This time it will not be the traditional story of a man and woman. The book–which I have not yet named–was inspired by the love and friendship of two men who grew up worlds apart from each other.

I am aware that this second book is not going to be for every romance reader. There will be a disclaimer attached to warn readers of its sensitive material. Still, I was challenged to take on the subject of homosexuality, so I opened up my mind in an effort to tell one man’s very intriguing story to the world. It was such a fascinating story I really couldn’t resist the opportunity! Hopefully I will find an equally open minded audience to read along with me.



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