The Quiet Corner RE-OPENS!

After struggling for many long months, I’ve finally finished what I believe is a wonderful new incarnation of The Quiet Corner! Believe it or not, I’m done with the website overhaul. Let the book writing continue!

About a year and a half ago I began to notice that my website was horribly out of date with the times. My website was slower to load than a lot of far more complicated websites, not to mention that it wouldn’t load at ALL on most of the smaller tablets and phones. It was really grating on my nerves as more time passed and my website began to lag further and further behind in the times.

I made the decision to stop writing fiction in order to start updating my website design skills. (There’s no one behind the wheel here but me. LOL!) But you know, I had no idea how much had really changed since I started designing my own website back in 1994. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have literally spent more than a year struggling to learn all the latest website languages. Each one seemed more complicated than the last! I almost gave up a number of times since I started the process.

Well, it’s finished and I’m happy with the results–and I WOULD  go the distance again if I had to. I’m really glad this project is done though! (I think I would do it all over again… Hmm…)

Now come and join me each week in reading all the fiction I have to share. I’ve got so much to show you!


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