Welcome to MY Quiet Corner!

I am a romance author. I live, breathe and sleep in a world of my imagination. And I welcome you to join me in the stories I’ve created…

Since 1999  I have enjoyed writing books online and I invite everyone to enjoy the fiction I create. The Quiet Corner is my home on the internet where I can share books of romance, suspense and intrigue. It all started with Silent Mysteries, but it’s growing into so much more. I loved the world of medieval and historical romance, but there’s so much more I have to share beyond that.

I write in real time. That means as I write it, you may read it. I publish my work here on my website. Most of it is free to read as I write and publish it. When the books are finished, they will be published and sold through my publisher. Right now only Silent Mysteries is for sale, but you may read the free 150 page preview to see if it is the book for you! All of my other work is here to read for free.

I hope you will enjoy all I have to offer here on my website. There is much more coming and I hope you will join me on my adventure in writing, publishing and authoring romantic fiction. I look forward to writing for you…

Leanne Elise Smith


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